Wu-Yi Tea - New Found Popularity

Wu-yi tea, or Oolong tea has become popular since receiving media attention for it's natural qualities of fat burning and metabolism control.  Many of the popular health magazines and even celebrities like Oprah and Rachel Ray to name a few, have featured and talked about the great results for losing weight.  While wu yi tea is receiving praise from people everywhere who are trying it, you might be surprised to know this drink is nothing new.  The tea has been around for centuries in the Asian culture, recognized not only for it's natural weight loss qualities, but also for many other additional health benefits.  In fact, oolong tea, often referred to as wu-yi tea due to the fact that it is harvested from Mt. Wuyi Shan in China, is still used in traditional Chinese medicine today.

Authentic Wu-yi Tea

Authentic Wu-yi tea does in fact have very effective natural qualities to fight fat and control metabolism.  For over 400 years asians have enjoyed wu-yi tea for it's slimming effects and other various health benefits.  The tea is actually oolong tea, referred to as wu-yi tea because it is grown and harvested in the Wuyi Mountains of China.  Harvesting oolong tea is a very specific process and if not followed properly can result in poor quality tea.

Wu-yi Tea Production

How your tea is produced is too important a matter for you to take for granted. It is the crux of the whole question of what you get for your money. And there is a vital difference in the harvesting processes of different Wu-Yi tea. What you really get for your money is determined by where a tea is grown and how it is harvested.  If you are buying wu-yi tea, be sure it comes from an authentic supplier of natural hand processed teas.

Authentic Tea Suppliers

If you are interested in researching and purchasing wu-yi tea from an authentic tea supplier, you may wish to visit Wu-Yi Source which specializes in tea from China, the birth place of wu-yi tea.  An authentic supplier will take great care and detail in providing tea to their customers.  Wu-Yi Source is an established company providing the finest authentic natural teas available.  The goodness of Wu-Yi Source tea is due largely to the 17-point quality test conducted before harvesting. Visit Wu-Yi Source

Natural Fat Burning Qualities

The "power" of wu-yi tea to naturally burn fat comes from the "Polyphenol" found within the tea.  A polyphenol is a bio-active ingredient that stimulates lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat. It achieves this by activating enzymes that dissolve fat (triglycerides) in your body.  This in turn speeds up your metabolism! (increasing your resting metabolic rate).  Teas such as green and black tea also contain polyphenols but the level of polyphenols is significantly greater in oolong tea, also known as wu-yi tea.

Wu-yi Tea. . . "Perfection"

With all the tons of dietary supplements, foods, drinks, and a host of other things, who knows what we are putting into our bodies in our quest for "perfection".  Possibly, wu-yi tea could be the only "perfect" natural source we need to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle.  With it's amazing weight loss qualities on top of other health benefits, why keep chasing the latest dieting fads and throwing away money...

Clinical Case Studies

There are numerous clinical case studies documenting the health benefits of drinking wu-yi tea on a regular basis.  Benefits ranging from weight loss, reducing the risk of recurrence of breast cancer, reducing the risk of heart attacks, fighting infections, and various other benefits.  If interested, you can read details on several of these case studies at the wu-yi tea wiki.